About Virus Engine

To support a world where everyone has access to evidence-based and personalized care.


To be the most accessible, reliable, and innovative source of health information through the mergence of technology and healthcare.


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Roger Ma, PharmD

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On January 2020, I was informed of a new virus plaguing China. Within 3 months, WHO declares COVID-19 a global pandemic. Our healthcare system was put to the test and, frankly, was failing. We had spent years cutting funding and resources that the system had no wiggle room for such an unexpected event.


Front-line healthcare workers and patients suffered the most. Hospitals were flooded with frantic patients and exhausted staff. 

I started Virus Engine to help redirect non-urgent patients from the hospital to safer, more appropriate healthcare facilities. Patients with a cold should not be stuck in the emergency department, exposed and vulnerable.

The goal is for everyone to have access to evidence-based and personalized care. I believe that, given the right information, the public will seek medical attention at the appropriate level thus reducing strain on our healthcare system.