Size: 9x9"

Quantity: 75

Compliance: ISO Class 5 and above


  • Ideal for general-purpose cleaning, surface preparation or wipe down of articles during pass-through.
  • Also effective for residue removal after detergent or disinfectant use
  • Glove and surface cleaning

Material: Non-woven, cellulose/polyester

Saturated with: 70% semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and 30% deionized water (DI)


  • Ensures consistent saturation and improved control of cleaning protocols
  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Higher saturation level to support critical solution contact time needed
  • Peel and reseal pouches allow for single-wipe use and prevents solvent evaporation
  • Lot number printed on each package for traceability and process accountability

70% Alcohol 9 x 9" Wipes for Cleanroom and Disinfecting, 75 Sheets/Box