I was diagnosed with


My Symptoms


Hover for description.No Fever99.1–100.3°F / 37.3–38°C100.4–102.1°F / 38.1–39°C102.2–104.0°F / 39.1–40°C104.1°F or higher / 40.1°C or higherHover for description.

Body Aches

Hover for description.No Body AchesIntermittent, Minor Body AchesConstant, Minor Body AchesContant Body AchesConstant, Severe Body AchesHover for description.

Difficulty Breathing

Hover for description.No Difficulty BreathingIntermittent, Minor Difficulty BreathingConstant, Minor Difficulty BreathingConstant Difficulty BreathingConstant, Severe Difficulty BreathingHover for description.

Runny Nose

Hover for description.No Runny NoseIntermittent, Minor Runny NoseConstant, Minor Runny NoseConstant Runny NoseConstant, Severe Runny NoseHover for description.


Hover for description.No CoughIntermittent, Dry CoughConstant, Dry CoughIntermittent, Productive CoughConstant, Productive CoughHover for description.

Sore Throat

Hover for description.No Sore ThroatIntermittent, Minor Sore ThroatConstant, Minor Sore ThroatConstant Sore ThroatConstant, Severe Sore ThroatHover for description.


Hover for description.No FatigueIntermittent, Minor FatigueConstant, Minor FatigueConstant FatigueConstant, Severe FatigueHover for description.

Nausea / Diarrhea

Hover for description.No Nausea/DiarrheaIntermittent, Minor Nausea/DiarrheaConstant, Minor Nausea/DiarrheaConstant Nausea/DiarrheaConstant Severe Nausea/DiarrheaHover for description.
Hover for description.NoneMildModerateSevereVery SevereHover for description.

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